Captain Kuldip Singh chose the glory of the daredevil life, training as a pilot after graduating from Punjab University, Chandigarh. He received extensive training as a commercial pilot from the Delhi Flying Club, and after that, joined the army. His chivalry at the battlefront in 1965 and 1971 was acknowledged by the Indian army, for which he was awarded the prestigious Suraksha and Sangram Medals. He utilized his industrious spirit and diligent faculties to establish the SDS Security Group, in 1975. With hard work, integrity, bravado and keen perceptions, he quickly helmed his company to the highest echelons of security companies of peerless, internationally acknowledged standards.

His contributions have been awarded with a prestigious fellowship from the Indian Institute of Security and Safety Management. He serves as a highly-esteemed faculty member in Asian, American and European Security institutions, and delivers regular lectures at National and International Security and Safety conventions. In lieu of his contributions, he has also been awarded with a CCP certificate by the American Society for Industrial Security and was elected to preside over the Indian Association of Security Organizations.